Reina: Embrace

Embrace is a solo exhibition by the Japanese artist Reina, which conveys the message of accepting nature's bounty with care and love. At the same time, it is the image of nature embracing us. We are enveloped and kept alive by the love of nature, which we hope we can respond to by wrapping the world around us.

The character of Earthmom appears in her works. As Earthmom, she guards nature and all creatures with kindness and strictness. The painting she created was inspired by the creation myth, which tells how the world came to be, and represents how Earthmom brings blessings to the world its essence is to love, embrace and give.

The character Mee always holds various items to represent a person who has received many blessings from Earthmom. The message is that we continue to receive many blessings in our lives. At the same time, the artist thinks receiving can also be described as hugging, loving, and giving, and there is an inextricable connection between the three – giving and receiving. These shared images are integrated and expressed in the word "Embrace".

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