Reigen is a group show of 7 exceptional artists which communicate with each other through constantly changing movements, just like in dance. Many works have a keen sense of surrealism and fantasy, as well as the interaction of concrete and abstract in many ways.

For example, in Night Catch, 2021, he is considering the time for him and his partner to sneak into the private beach and the possibility of being caught. "I'm considering the difference in comfort and how my girlfriend and I can navigate these spaces in different ways." Narrations like this often raise his questions, such as who belongs to? Who has access? What are the consequences of our actions? The severity of the consequences?

Johnny Izatt-Lowry’s works cleverly outline surrealistic depictions of everyday things. He was familiar with their quiet family life at first, and there was something disturbing in their awkward perspective and painting performance. His work is made through the painstaking process of applying a layer of dry paint and a layer of soft pastels on stretched crepe fabric. Their materiality and appearance add to the uncertainty of the subject. Although initially regarded as paintings, their materiality refuses to be easily classified. The soft surface and powder give them a kind of fragility and add to their dreamlike qualities.

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