Phillip Hui: Refraction

Refraction is a solo exhibition by the Hong Kong artist Phillip Hui, which showcases Eastern and Western painting techniques, the artist uses oil painting as a medium to construct a series of allegorical scenes combining reality and fiction. Through the character's interaction with nature, he explores and seeks in an environment full of uncertainty, expresses his inner portrayal, and reflects reality.

"Light" and "Water" show the unpredictable state of the natural environment in this series of creations. At the moment, the turquoise waters are calm and sparkling, but the dark abyss may be turbulent. Some may hesitate or wander over the sea in the painting, illustrating various options and decisions. Although the process of observation and exploration is tortuous, it has also become the driving force of life. Following the course of nature and life, hope the audience can enjoy the picturesque scenery that will be ushered in after the low tide.

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