MYTHOLOGYANITYISM is a solo exhibition by the American artist Paul Hunter Speagle @hunterspeagle, which showcase a series of new paintings depicting all the life experiences that shaped his artistic journey. This series documents the challenges he faced, his exploration of himself, and his position as a new parent and artist in our complex modern world.

The artist is talented at creating in a variety of media, including oil paintings, sculptures, interactive installations and public art. His works are colorful and expressive, full of vitality, enthusiasm and love, as well as personal religious beliefs.

His work is deeply influenced by underground skateboarding, street culture and comic culture, and expresses the tension between urban and rural America with strong colors. He stacks oil paints into blocks to form thicker brushstrokes, reflecting the changes in light and shadow, and composing the composition. In addition, his inspiration also comes from symbols, Native American totems, non-mainstream folk art, ancient myths and biblical stories. Speagle integrates these historical and cultural connotations into art, so as to find the position of human short-lived life in the vast time and space.

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