Patricia Waller: Guten Appetit!

“To be honest, I don’t know even how to knit a pair of socks.” So what is she knitting? Humanity, she said. With different varieties of “humanities” - Patricia Waller

Guten Appetit! is the debut Hong Kong solo exhibition by the German artist Patricia Waller. As a famous crochet master in Europe, Waller is the first artist in the history of European art to present avant-garde and modern humor with crochet art.

Waller's innate German thinking raised a question in the mechanical age in 1990: Can art inherit the traditional techniques or constraints and return to handicraft? In an era when virtual art becomes mainstream, should the value of handmade works be regained? Waller's choice was crochet, but she was ironic. The third eye also changed conviction.
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