Oscar Chan Yik-long: Don’t Leave The Dark Alone

Don’t Leave The Dark Alone is a solo exhibition by the local Hong Kong artist Oscar Chan Yik-long, which showcase some characteristics of black and white, figurative and reference to Eastern mythology and Western art, but mainly films from all over the world in the twentieth century. However, none of this should prevent the audience from viewing each of Chen's works as a separate entity: a window to parallel reality, a mirror reflecting the surrounding environment, or just a surface to show oneself.

The exhibition is a phrase taken from its original context related to managing laundry and redeployed to manage the darkness itself, or at least the fear of darkness and the anxiety or damage it may cause. As the title of the exhibition, this sentence allows us to equate the artistic strategy of using metaphorical darkness (ink and graphite) with the real thing how we deal with external and internal darkness.

How do we know whether the dead will regret their efforts to survive? It is a round wool rug. Woven after the artist's dense dramatic ink paintings, it has the audience's expectations of some of his scary and "pessimistic" visual elements. The title is quoted from The Adjustment of Controversies by Zhuangzi, who favored dialogue as a form of venting controversial and unresolvable issues-arguably an "optimistic" position. Although this sentence expresses disappointment in life, Zhuangzi uses it to discuss the difficulty of "coordinating different opinions" when there is no authoritative truth to accept or reject them.
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