Ming Fay: Journey into Nature

Journey into Nature is a solo exhibition by the Chinese-American sculptor and installation artist Ming Fay, which showcases some of his works including the Wishbone series, the Tai Chi series, and the early sketches that inspired his famous fruit sculptures, as well as other iconic works such as the branches of the money tree and larger-than-life fruits, nuts, and surreal vegetables, also exhibited together.

Drawing on his extensive knowledge of Eastern and Western gardening and mythology, the artist's work primarily comments on the symbiotic relationship between man and nature. In his own words, "In a modern urban environment, where it is especially important and necessary to be reminded of the needs of the natural world, I strive to show the wonders of even the most inconspicuous forms of nature, giving the audience a new perspective on the mundane." Inspired by fruits, seeds, plants and bones, it also modifies natural forms to create imaginary hybrid species. "Like a scientist, I study and cultivate specific plant forms because of their intrinsic and symbolic qualities, reinterpreting and transforming them in my studio/lab greenhouse," the artist explained. Works range from oversized plant forms, dramatic garden-like displays, or overgrown sci-fi-inspired environments.

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