Mátyás Erményi: Pine-Needle Tales

Pine-Needle Tales is a solo exhibition by the Hungarian artist Mátyás Erményi, which showcases his playful figurative painting focuses on personal reinterpretations of Eastern European object culture and vision. His work shows past fragments of our lives from a child's perspective, rather than trying to evoke a sense of nostalgia. Sometimes incorporate painting-like works into line systems, often borrowing from the comic book and cartoon world. At the same time, the anthropomorphic figures on his canvases embody the bizarre ambivalence of kindness and fear, loveliness and melancholy, which are still seen as the cornerstones of our collective socialization.

The latest series of the exhibition is mainly inspired by the aesthetics of Eastern European animated films, which can technically be described as a subtle oscillation between painting and drawing. His latest group of works features anthropomorphic coniferous pine trees. There is also a subjective thread associated with his trees in this series, which goes back to the generation of the artist's great-grandparents, who planted these pines in the yards of their multigenerational family.

Mátyás Erményi - << Pine-Needle Tales>>
Date: 14 Oct – 12 Nov 2022
Gallery: Double Q Gallery
Address: 68 Lok Ku Road, Sheung Wan, Hong Kong
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