Margaux Williamson

Margaux Williamson's first exhibition in Asia heralds a rejuvenated figurative form. In paintings characterized by a sense of interiority and intimacy, the artist explores how the visual markers of everyday life frame and refract experience. In the absence of protagonists, her subjects include domestic interiors, still lives, and nature close to home, revealing the strange in the familiar and the surreal in the banal through expressive renderings of what surrounds us.

Predominantly dark tones, the works depict spaces illuminated by intensely directional artificial light or eerie night lights. In this series, she feels a slight repulsion to daylight and a strong attraction to the ground or darkness and the glow of reflected light. The light quality and brightness of the canvas surface often change, suggesting an uncertain time or place. By painting a scene at a certain light condition or time of day and then adding to it with a completely different mood, she tries to remember time through painting.

Margaux Williamson
Date: 18 Nov 2022 – 7 Jan 2023
Gallery: White Cube
Address: 50 Connaught Road Central, Hong Kong
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