Madsaki: Island Love

Island Love is a solo exhibition by the Japanese Asian Modern & Contemporary painter Madsaki, which captured photographs of fresh moments of his simple life on the Big Island and created his paintings. The scenes that appear in the resulting paintings come from the uninterrupted repetitions he spent three weeks of "yard work and the ocean" depicting only highly personal spaces. They capture the true charm of the Big Island that he experienced through his years of friendship with his friend - Nick, quite different from what a Big Island tourist might seek. The artist created the group out of love for Hilo, respect for Nick, and what he has learned from him over the years.

The artist has dealt with many personal themes in his paintings in the past, including the "Wannabie's" series based on famous paintings and movie scenes that were personally important to him, the "Wife Series" based on his wife, and a series based on his paintings on his family portrait. The series in this exhibition focuses on his psychological landscape and the process of spiritual restoration. In a sense, they build on his previous work, while at the same time digging further into the core of the artist's mind.

Hoping the viewers have enjoyed the artist's precious moments on the Big Island, the particularly intimate days he spent away from the city which is depicted as his "soul," unreservedly from what visitors see all embodied in the exhibition "Island Love .”

Madsaki - <<Island Love>>
Date: 28 Oct – 26 Nov 2022
Gallery: KaiKai KiKi Gallery
Address: Japan, 〒106-0046 Tokyo, Minato City, Motoazabu, 2-chōme−3−30 クレストビル B1F

Image Credit: @kaikaikikigallery
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