Liang Man-qi: Conceptions of Parallel Event

Conceptions of Parallel Event is a solo exhibition by the Chinese artist Liang Man-qi, which showcase 11 of her most recent oil paintings.

Her work explores how space, media, and color transform the relationship between real and virtual environments in the polygonal dimension. Color blocks, lines and geometry are the basic elements of the artist's abstract art. With her intuition and curiosity, she constructed shapes, lines and color scales, creating a unique aesthetic in contemporary art. Her works incorporate symbols that resonate with Western rationalism and embrace Eastern philosophy. Seeking harmony in everything is the key to calmness, psychological order, and self-understanding. In her works, these geometric patterns are arranged irregularly, but still set against each other, evolving into a multidimensional universe full of unknowns. Colors intersect with tangible or intangible patterns on the geometric plane. The inner conflict between the artist's abstraction and concreteness, rationality and sensibility, can be explained through the process of creating an emotional field.

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