Lee Bae: Souffle D’encre

Souffle D'encre is a solo exhibition by the Korean Asian Modern & Contemporary painter Lee Bae, which featuring works from the Brushstroke series, especially those showcasing his short lines.

In these works, arrangements of long, wrinkled lines, broken lines, and short lines can be seen. The artist created some of these short lines with charcoal made of willow, pine, vine, and oak, suggesting a psychological shift inherent in the artist's brush movement and experimentation with the spatial rhythm of the picture. In his works, if the long line can be compared to a deep breath, then the short line is the juxtaposition of multiple breaths and thoughts.

Around 2020, the artist started this new series. He turned to a bigger challenge, dipping a wide brush into diluted charcoal ink and then applying the ink to paper. The most obvious feature of this series is that once he starts, he hardly hesitates or changes the motion of the brush. At this point, he has entered a realm where he can see the essence of East Asian ink calligraphy. In this realm, how the artist writes and moves the brush is very important. The brushwork and shades of ink set the tone for the entire composition. As the brush moves across the paper, the artist exerts so much control that he forgets about the control itself.

Lee Bae - <<Souffle D'encre>>
Date: 4 Nov - 17 Dec 2022
Gallery: Galerie Perrotin, Shanghai, Mainland China
Address: 3/F, 27 Huqiu road, huangpu district, Shanghai, 200002

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