Kurt Chan: Sky Rains Grain

Sky Rains Grain is a solo exhibition by the renowned Hong Kong artist Kurt Chan Yuk-keung, which is combining the ideology of Chinese calligraphy with a cold abstract style creates a hybrid creative voice. The artist uses this creative process to deconstruct the structure of Chinese characters using the concept of painting characters.

In his creative process, it is mainly through materiality that he redefines the textual relationship of objects, which imbues his works with a poetic atmosphere. Since 2016, he has used painting as his main creative medium, based on the methods of Chinese calligraphy. He pays attention to the calligraphic quality of his paintings and seeks a balance between the Western rational tradition and the Eastern Expressionist tradition in practice.

His creative principles focus on comparing Chinese and Western cultures while exploring the constraints of various artistic rhetoric and media. In his artistic practice, he seeks to embrace the diversity of today's times in simpler forms and to apply his finely traditional training to contemporary expression.

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