Kimsooja: Topography of Body

Topography of Body is a solo exhibition by the multidisciplinary conceptual South-Korean artist Kimsooja, which showcases a selected work of her broad multidisciplinary practice including video performances, Thread Route: Chapter Three, a series of Indigo India prints, new clay, and rice paper works, and two prints of Geometry of Body.

A hypnotic, heart-beating sound welcomes the viewers and animates the space with faint echoes and repetitive, mesmerizing rhythms. The artist invites the viewer into a private world where she calmly begins her quiet actions, embracing and connecting with those around her, bringing past and present, nature and architecture, and especially its inhabitants, into contact. The imprints of her fingers and the marks left by her handshake in clay can be seen, although they have a repetitive conceptual basis, they are essentially and fundamentally different. At the same time, clay is the imprint of something that does not exist—a void transformed into matter.

 _Thread Routes _series (2010-2019) is a chapter in this exhibition that is directly related to her earlier and later work, extending the concept to a further dialectic, as a visual poem or anthropology, the work explores the cyclic process from yarn to complex rug, as an ethereal, meditative repetition from abstraction to figuration. Through it, she demonstrates the global importance of everyday labor activity, referring to nature, life, being, and coexistence, and how weaving and knitting refer to geometric, architectural, and agricultural forms, "revealing their original truth and aesthetics". She seeks to reveal the aesthetics of movement, how a painstaking choreography unfolds in the movement of the body.

Kimsooja - <<Topography of Body>>
Date: 18 mar – 3 Jun 2023
Gallery: Axel Vervoordt Gallery
Address: 21/F, Coda Designer Building, 62 Wong Chuk Hang Rd, Wong Chuk Hang

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