Jon Poblador: Repetition is a Form of Change

Repetition is a Form of Change is a solo exhibition by the American artist Jon Poblador, which through his works to expresses the meditative characteristics of repeated marking.

Prayer, meditation, and rituals are the foundation of many religions. They are essentially different forms of repetition, perhaps, this is one of the ways for people to connect with God. The artist regards his paintings and drawings as religious works of art. Marks, geometric figures and grids are prayers repeated again and again. Anything that is repeated will always form a certain pattern. He mainly uses geometric shapes because its orderliness appeals to me. Therefore, when the shape of the straight line is repeated, the grid structure will naturally appear.

He encourages the viewer to experience at his works in a simple way, the formal characteristics of shape, line, color, texture, etc. There is no performance, no narrative, and no illusion of anything else. However, the framework of the grid is an important factor that links them together.

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