Jean-Baptiste Bernadet: Time and Again

Time and Again is a solo exhibition by the Brussels-based French contemporary painter Jean-Baptiste Bernadet, which explores one of the thousands of variations that exist between the solid state of the painting canvas, the tenacious persistence of definite objects, and the liquid state of our emotions: the constant, distracting flow of our perceptions A lucid dream of a memory that secretly emerges from the expansion. The art of fugue, the steam of time.

Recent paintings by Jean-Baptiste Bernadet, those on exhibited, no longer bear the inscriptions, and seem to have lost their black background. But in each, the same clean edges, the same heady but sad music can be found. Carved out a romantic ruin in everyday family life.

The artist must be that age. In his acceptance speech, Barragán thanked Reyes for having taught him “the art – the difficult art – of seeing with innocence,” and quoted several verses of Pellicer, which ended with the following lines: “eyes without vision, souls without hope.” I get the impression that here Barragán was speaking less as an artist and more as a lover and a believer. As for me, the boy that I love today has heavy, black eyelashes and dark eyes, eyes that I can’t read but which I believe in. Eyes ringed in mystery, behind the barricade of his long lashes.

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