Harrison Pearce: Auto Soma

Auto Soma is a solo exhibition by the art historian and practicing British artist Harrison Pearce, which features kinetic installations and a selection of recent paintings, and focuses on the artist's latest explorations and reflections on the broad and intertwined relationship between machines and humans.

Through the exhibition, the self-construction, automated body, and the wonderful conceptual relationship between the two are explored. Thoughts are intertextually reflected in the industrial development of society. Directly alluding to the mind-body dualist discourse at the heart of the artist's practice, "Auto Soma" embarks on a broad philosophical reflection on the relationship between cognitive mechanisms and bodily materiality.

In the meantime, the artist's paintings capture, reimagine, and depict dynamic figures in bizarre, otherworldly forms. At first glance, the depicted amorphous objects appear to float against a pitch-black background, reminiscent of rendered sketches of alien species or futuristic blueprints of spacecraft in sci-fi horror movies; There are vague parallels between them as if the latest findings from an archaeological survey of technology.

Harrison Pearce - <<Auto Soma>>
Date: 6 May – 10 Jun 2023
Gallery: Mou Projects
Address: 202, The Factory, 1 Yip Fat Street, Wong Chuk Hang, Hong Kong
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