Gong Bin: The Love That Moves the Sun and All the Stars

The Love That Moves the Sun and All the Stars is a solo exhibition by the Mainland Chinese artist Gong Bin, which features 11 paintings depicting the fusion and collision between the wondrous worlds the artist imagined, traversed, and mapped. Starting from visceral, relevant, and authentic experiences in life, the works on display contain an intimate and irreducible universe.

He experimented with color boldly and painted in an introspective way, which for him was like a "spiritual journey". In his works, images and images are derived from his state of mind, and memories, imaginations, and dreams are intertwined. Drawing on visual metaphors and analogies from fairy tales, novels, poems, and recollected personal experiences, it resists the limiting and sometimes misleading assumptions about realism and reality. Without reference to photographs, his painting process reveals an active meditation on the nature of memory that negates, contains, slows, and at the same time intensifies the flow of experience.

Driven by the urge to express emotional intensity and depth, Gong activates a variety of dramatic emotions in his paintings that resonate with the audience. He tells stories of hope, romance, daydreaming, poetry, and euphoria with vivid imagery in a warm and expansive way. In the expansive landscapes he creates, a series of irregular geometric figures scattered across different canvases loom; their ambiguous shapes hover among rocks, figures, or other indescribable creatures, appearing bewildered and curious, lost and adventurous. Passing through a series of painted and imaginary terrains in the exhibition, you seem to be in the world of pictures, almost out of touch with reality, and you only get visual cues to guide yourself out of the works full of magic and vitality.
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