Genesis Tramaine: Break of Day

“God is in the midst of her, she will not be moved; God will help her when morning dawns.” - Psalm 46:5

Break of Day is a solo exhibition of new works by the American expressionist devotional painter Genesis Tramaine, which is the dawn of all things: blood, sun, moon - Genesis Tramaine is her strongest. In the exhibition, the breadth of her power, the breadth of God's power over the artist is on full display.

Through mixed media (rainwater, salt, oil stick, acrylic, spray paint.), the divinity is found in her subjects and manifested in unexpected ways that she creates paintings that are both otherworldly and of this world. The work is visually striking and powerful, stunning and Holy. She creates stunning colors that reflect the depth and sincerity of her dedication.

It takes courage to give up your craft, all your work, and how you can turn it into something greater than yourself. For the artist, the act of creation is a test of trust, a journey of faith. Instead of suppressing her doubts, she prayed to God to bless it. She believes in strength even in failure, so wherever God tells her to go and whatever she does with that message, the work will bear fruit.
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