Fatina Kong and Kwon Man-chun: Dear Me

Dear Me is a joint exhibition by the Hong Kong artists Fatina Kong and Kwong Man-chun, which focuses on memory, combined with the artist's unique aesthetics. By superimposing colors and mediums on the canvas, Kang and Kwong visually represent a hazy and distant scene in one's mind - which may be a memory or a dream that is sometimes scattered or calmed in the depths of consciousness.

Kong skillfully blends the contrasting elements of East and West, ancient and modern, and different themes in her works, creating a tranquil and mysterious Hong Kong scene. The artist combines the "leaving blank" technique of traditional Chinese ink painting with the use of mineral pigments and resins to create a mix of layers and textures in her work, emphasizing depth. Thus, it reproduces how memories are constructed through the entanglement of different emotions and experiences.

Kwong with the depiction of the past and the memory that surrounds it in his creative renditions. His work includes a large number of objects reminiscent of his past, such as old buildings, nostalgic furniture and Chinese courtyards. Through his demure palette of choice, he adds a haze to his canvases, interweaving memory with imagined scenes. The images also lead viewers to immerse themselves in memories waiting to be unearthed.

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