Ezra Petronio: Stylistics

Stylistics is a solo show by the Paris-based editor, creative director, and photographer Ezra Petronio, who is a creative genius with a focus on details for over 30 years.

Portraits of the exhibition will investigate the careers of fashion and art legends as photographers, art directors, designers and self-service publishers of the magazine.

The show focuses on Petronio's unique use of Polaroid - a medium pioneered by Andy Warhol and Lucas Samaras - using only a land camera and Fuji's FP-100 Polaroid film, Created unique portraits of three of the most influential figures of the past few decades, documenting and documenting major shifts in art and culture.

This two-part exhibition offers two counteracting, visceral experiences of his portraiture. One room showcases 120 unique, intimate photos of Polaroids of dazzling cultural icons, collectively presenting an almost overwhelming feeling that is so close to this pantheon of radical thinkers and creators. Through diptych, triptych, and collage configurations, he exhibits these qualities and the hyperextension of portraiture and creates transformative renderings of his subjects.

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