Eugene Lun: The Forbidden Happiness

The Forbidden Happiness is a solo exhibition by the Hong Kong artist Eugene Lun, which features Augmented Reality (AR) etchings and paintings in an immersive environment, developed during a two-month residency based on the artist's new curiosity and exploration of the human psyche that adheres to social values and rules artwork.

The exhibition presents a variety of scenarios in which the comic sausage characters [Cheong1][Cheong4] react differently in everyday environments while exploring the boundaries and social conventions of modern society. The artist aims to inspire viewers to backtrack to the reasoning behind their instinctual and habitual behavior when encountering the above-mentioned scenes.

The artist’s [Cheong1] [Cheong4] is a representation of everyone, even if it's a non-human or animal character. Similar to sausages, people are the product of today's mechanical society, whose lives are adjusted to be instilled in values and knowledge, and emotions and feelings are repressed and almost collapsed - just like the meat is squeezed into a sausage casing. In this new series, he as [Cheong1] [Cheong4] takes certain situations up a notch, doing something unexpected, even bizarre and absurd to the audience. Visitors may find themselves immersed in a child-like playful environment.

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