Etsu Egami: The Philosophers

The Philosophers is a joint exhibition by both Japanese artists Etsu Egami × JY, which perfectly blends and completes this series of works. In the process of creation, artists rethink the relationship between portrait and text, image and language. Spanning more than 2,000 years, it connects ancient and modern times, the East and the West, and recreates the glory of the old era in the form of a dialogue between oil painting and calligraphy.

During the epidemic, Egami ventured on her reading journey in isolation from society. This prompted her to create a series of portraits of modern literary masters, shifting her focus from modern times to China's Spring and Autumn and Warring States periods. She believes that the hundreds of philosophies emerging in troubled times have always had profound enlightenment to people living in the present. While examining philosophical literature, the artist reflects on modern social structures and begins to depict ancient Chinese philosophers.

This exhibition presents a series of symbolic portraits by Egami, her brush strokes of the painting are bold and steady, the colors are bright and strong, and the essence of a hundred schools of thought is drawn from the shape and composition. The classic idiom calligraphy works of JY stand side by side with the portraits. The duo opened up new spaces of thought and presented new art forms.

Etsu Egami × JY - << The Philosophers >>
Date: 17 Mar – 6 Apr 2023
Gallery: Whitestone Gallery
Address: 7-8/F, H Queen’s, 80 Queen’s Road Central, Hong Kong

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