Eddie Lui: Close Encounter with Nature

Close Encounter with Nature is a solo exhibition by the Hong Kong based artist Eddie Lui, which showcases over 30 pieces of works by different mediums, including ink and colour on paper, acrylic on canvas, ceramic and prints.

The use of Chinese ink and white space is integrated with Western sketching techniques, and the composition is impeccable, which constitutes his unparalleled artistic style. For fifty years, Lu's artistic journey has been vigorous. Each of his exhibitions has been fully recognized and highly praised by artists, art critics and academia.

17 works of "WFH series" and "TW series" are exhibited in this exhibition. The "TW series" was created during Lui's stay in Taiwan, while the "WFH series" was created in Hong Kong during the epidemic. Each of the works demonstrates a new understanding of the techniques of dots, lines, overlapping inks and lines in Chinese paintings.

A unique view of lifestyle is essential for giving artists the ability to transcend the normative concept of "painting" and for aesthetic judgments derived from an unprecedented understanding of the combination of matter and people. Each piece of work is almost like a unique microcosm, which contains profound artistic and poetic connotations. In short, Lu's work embodies his vision of the vastness and unlimited potential in the trivialities of daily life.
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