Dream Bird

Dream Bird is a group exhibition by 6 emerging Mainland Chinese artists including Fang Xian-chen, Kong Hui-dong, Sun Yu, Wen Jue, Wei Ming-hui, and Zhao Yesi-yu, which features their latest paintings.

Fang's paintings present seemingly meaningless scenes, yet create a sense of being out of space. Kong's works are closely related to lived experience, but they are not presented in real time; they are often retrospective.

Sun's creative vision is directed at everyday scenes and human sophistication. However, this does not mean that he succumbed to the monotony of everyday life; on the contrary, he often fought routine with the aggregation of everyday life. In his paintings, dull expressions and dense outlines represent the repetition and chaos in reality, becoming a kind of resolution and liberation in painting. This atmosphere is also evident in Wei's work, which creates a sense of meaningless confrontation with unconventional narratives. He uses surrealism to depict absurd and dull everyday scenes, reflecting his own mental state.

Zhao's work explores the fluidity between gender, cultural identity, and inner spirituality. His work often juxtaposes or conceals a range of symbolic elements. Wen regards all visual images as the energy source of infinite "self-evolution". He puts "self-awareness" above everything else, and every fictional and personalized superman is full of energy to realize his value judgment standard.

Dream Bird
Date: 29 Jul – 29 Aug 2023
Gallery: Tang Contemporary Art
Address: 20/F, Landmark South, 39 Yip Kan Street, Wong Chuk Hang, Hong Kong

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