Daniel Gibson: Ocotillo Song

Ocotillo Song is a solo exhibition of new paintings by the Postwar & Contemporary artist Daniel Gibson, appends the vocabulary of landscape painting, descriptions of family history, art history elegy and matrilineal reverence are added. Nonetheless, these paintings do contain horizons that intersect with deserts, valleys, bodies of water, farmland, flowers, butterflies, and sometimes people. The work using bright colors and cartoonish exaggeration to eliminate the "Western sublime" pastoral style, thus forming a synthesis of images, like a language, can be interpreted as a fable.

This series records and clarifies the deep-rooted ability of the artist, synthesizing his life experience into a coherent whole, and examining the roots, just like the song contains the words set in the musical parameters, he combines this discovery is concentrated on the open frontier of landscape painting. This song with these colors and imagery connects us to the moment when we are directly exposed to the super-personal pulse. Gibson’s Ocotillo Song shares with us, so that we can understand bigger things; a life that happens between us, a life that flows through us, inside and outside.
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