Cheung Tsz-hin: shivering glow, I shiver and glow

shivering glow, I shiver and glow is a solo exhibition of a series of recent works by the Hong Kong local artist Cheung Tsz-hin, which showcases his perspective on plants and seeds exposed to warm sunlight. Layers of emotions deeply rooted in the plants and seeds surface and flourish on his canvases, expressing melancholy moments brought about by changes in lifestyle.

By observing the movement of trees, the artist conveys inner feelings through the exploration of fragments of light and shadow. Traces of this transformation are evident in his compositions and depictions of light and shadow, which emanate from an intuitive and spontaneous painting process condensed into emotional prisms. These are depicted through a loose yet dominant arrangement of colors meant to reinforce the visual experience of the viewer.

Ordinary things easily become the source of his infinite art, with painting serving as a means of documenting certain moments in life. From observing and depicting the blooming and withering of plants, the fleetingness of life reminds the artist of the passage of time and the meaning of existence, as well as his visceral perception of life.

Cheung Tsz-hin - <<shivering glow, I shiver and glow>>
Date: 18 May – 24 Jun 2023
Gallery: Contemporary by Angela Li
Address: G/F, 248 Hollywood Road, Sheung Wan, Hong Kong

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