Cheng Ting-ting: Night Walk

Night Walk is a solo exhibition by the Hong Kong artist Cheng Ting-ting, which showcases new works created by the artist one year after returning to Hong Kong after studying for a master's degree in Norway in 2021. During the two years of studying in Norway, the artist experienced the environment, climate, and living atmosphere, which is completely different from the creation in Hong Kong. The huge difference between the two places has caused considerable influence and transformation in Cheng's creation. The relatively slow pace of life and creation in Norway allows artists to freely explore different painting directions and techniques.

The artist’s works are always unfolded in a mess of brushstrokes and blocks of color, followed by the construction of interplay and interconnectedness between layers. Whereas in her previous work, viewers could identify certain things and narratives, her new work often presents a general sense of confusion, such as parts or afterimages of things. The paintings have been scrubbed, leaving only vaguely familiar outlines. Colors blend together, and below, the details of the scene are hidden in intricate and chaotic brushstrokes, barely visible to the viewer.

Her stay in Norway made her more sensitive to the brightness and tones of her surroundings. One factor is Norway's extreme daylight hours, with short days in winter and more than three times as much sunlight in summer. The artist recalled that when she first returned to Hong Kong, when she walked out of the hotel where she had been quarantined for 21 days, her first reaction was: "It's so bright." The interior lighting of the hotel room is fundamentally different from the outdoor sunlight. She felt like she could even feel the difference in color temperature.
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