Carmen Ng: Flowers in the Window

Flowers in the Window the first solo exhibition by the Hong Kong artist Carmen Ng from Hong Kong.

Carmen Ng vividly presented her complex, urban-inspired concept on paper. She painted a world that can only be imagined in a dream. The artist's carefully drawn scenes reveal the extraordinary details of her subject's life-there is no detail or the situation is too small for cleverly imagined, and it is accurately rendered. In her practice, she has shown amazing control over her favorited medium watercolor paintings.

As Ng recalled, “When we were very young, we liked to go to the upper deck when getting on the bus. We couldn’t wait to sit in the front seats and be attracted by the scenery outside the car window. When the weather is bad, condensation turned the window into a canvas. Our fingers are our paintbrushes. We took the first picture and had an unparalleled play."

For many people, this has been a difficult year. But we also learned a lot about ourselves. As more time is spent at home, we become more and more fond of the surrounding environment instead of constantly interacting with our mobile phones. Our happiness may become simpler, but it is we who turn them into beautiful memories. Ng's dreamy expression also explores a similar narrative.

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