Brianna Wiest: 101 Eassays That Will Change The Way You Think

101 Essays That Will Change The Way You Think is a self-help book from a young author, Brianna Wiest, to learn more about self-respect, self-life; distorted thinking; kindness; positive thinking; inner demons; happiness; relationships; suffering; emotional health; life; a sense of comfort; social intelligence; and much more with those 101 essays that will change the way you think.

The core idea boils down to "how to be happy". If you put all the pieces of the puzzle together, you will see that the main purpose of this book is to help us see our lives and ourselves from a different perspective. The author talks a lot about the importance of positive thinking and self-love for finding the comfort we all strive for. Deep topics such as Zen principles and their impact on our lives are also covered, emphasizing the importance of being enlightened and following these principles to finally overcome your subconscious resistance to the good things in life and start feeling happy.

The importance of the present can also be traced throughout the article, emphasizing that the present moment is basically all we have. She shares her insights and practical tips designed to help readers stop overanalyzing their past or future and focus on what's really going on in the present.

Some of the essays presented in the book are inspiring, philosophical, and profound. However, when a book covers all possible topics, it turns out that there are not so many. Some parts of the book are simply irrelevant, after all, pomp and lack of relevance are common features of many self-help books.

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