Belinda Chan: The Veil of Solitude

The Veil of Solitude is the first solo exhibition by the Hong Kong artist Belinda HY Chan, curated by Cyrus Lamprecht, which Explore themes of change, life, and death in a series of paintings depicting dreams and the natural world "Everyone wears a veil when expressing their emotions” that discover the influence of loneliness and absurdism on modern society.

When we are in solitude, we may finally begin to understand ourselves, facing both happiness and fear; When we grow up, no one will comfort us with a warm hug in the dark. Dressed in some form of camouflage, people wait in cold silence. When a person wanders alone, emotions hide behind an invisible veil, but simultaneously, the true self emerges. All life comes from death, and people remember the happy moments when things withered. When a person is on the brink of loneliness, they may retrieve fragments of memory from the ground.

Individuals may find solace in solitude. A veil of emotion hangs over our bodies, and our clasped hands are caught in empty space, swaying with life. Men weave their veils as they breathe the lonely air.

Belinda HY Chan - <<The Veil of Solitude>>
Curated by Cyrus Lamprecht
Date: 24 Feb – 24 Mar 2023
Venue: The Arca Hotel
Address: 3/F, The Arca, 42 Heung Yip Road, Wong Chuk Hang, Hong Kong
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