Archivio Bonalumi: Shaped Metal

Shaped Metal is a collaboration with Archivio Bonalumi, which is a series of exhibitions titled 'Focus on', which delves into a range of key aspects of Europe's post-war period. The title Shaped Metal refers to a collection of metal plates that Bonalumi created in the late 1980s using a "pleating" process with an enamel coating.

These wall pieces represent the high point of Bonalumi's prolific career. They are characterized by a strictly rectilinear rhythmic structure and represent the artist's exploration of the material and its expressive potential.This is closely related to the artist's sculptural studies: in "lamiere" (beginning in the late 1980s), Bonalumi experimented with enamel panels for wall-mounted works, exploiting the material's malleability potential in order to express form in complex and elusive surfaces (from F. Pola, Bonalumi. Sculptures, Numerozeroeditore, Milan, 2014).

Bonalumi has developed his personal style and methodological approach, creating a series of works featuring canvas outreach, gradually refining the dialectical relationship between volume and void, convexity and concavity. These experiments combining traditional and industrial materials such as canvas, fiberglass and metal reached maturity over the next decade, cementing him as a leading figure in the contemporary art world.

The exhibition provides viewers with a deep understanding of 'lamiere', a special shaped metalwork that highlights the artist's visual perception and his exploration of space. Light reflects on the shiny surfaces of the pleated enamel panels, creating a spatial rhythm in the monochrome palette of red, white, blue, black, green, yellow and orange.

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