Annie Leibovitz: The Early Years, 1970 – 1983, Archive Project No. 1 and Wonderland

The Early Years, 1970 – 1983, Archive Project No. 1 and Wonderland is a comprehensive exhibition of photographic prints selected by the American portrait photographer and artist Annie Leibovitz, which exhibited alongside a selection of iconic fashion images from the past two decades, the artist's unique photographic language aligns with and advances the evolution of the medium as a force for artistic creation.

Featuring images of major American political moments, including the 1972 presidential campaign, she reported with author Hunter S. Thompson. Her unobtrusive shots suggest that both the photographer and her peers were important actors and contributors to the event. In a poignant photo taken the day Richard Nixon stepped down as president, her camera captured footage of his helicopter taking off from the White House lawn.

Likewise, while documenting their tour of the Americas with the Rolling Stones in the summer of 1975, the artist entered the band's world so much that only her camera could remind her of who she was. In one image, a group of rabid fans stormed a barbed wire fence outside Cleveland, Ohio, stadium where the Rolling Stones were performing. It is the artist's unique ability to immerse herself in diverse environments that allows her to engage directly with her subjects, revealing their true, honest and perhaps most vulnerable selves.

The artist's unique vision, including combining portrait photography with photojournalism, captured historical and cultural touchstones in America and abroad, making her the bloodline of some of her personal heroes.

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