Andrew Luk & Samuel Swope: Ready\Set\Fulfill

Ready\Set\Fulfill is a special collaboration project between the gallery's representative artist Andrew Luk and Samuel Swope. The exhibition includes new works of art, including sculptures and multimedia installations, which together constitute a huge drone racetrack throughout the gallery space. During the exhibition, a first-person view (FPV) competitive drone competition will be arranged.

The emerging sport of FPV drone racing has prominent features in live performances and recorded video works. Race promotes dialogue about the relationship between humanity and overall speed and progress. They embody the "demography" (speed science or logic) concept of the philosopher Paul Virilio, who coined the term to believe that the development of society and culture is similar to race, and the fastest competitors are the most success. Furthermore, driverless racing cars also broke the boundaries between humans and machines. When pilots wear immersive VR headsets and fly the drone through the on-board camera, their field of view becomes that of the drone, and their actions become the actions of the drone. The fusion of humans and machines embodies the collective desire to transcend our physical bodies, mortal bodies, and accelerate the realization of a more effective, faster and cybernetic existence.

The exhibition aims to experience in two ways: one is through the eyes of humans, and the other is through the lens of a drone. The drone's perspective will be broadcast live during the competition and looped during regular exhibition hours. Information about race may be released at a later date to comply with the relevant precautions for Covid-19.

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