Andreas Ericsson

The 2022 edition of Art Basel in Hong Kong, Stephen Friedman Gallery (Booth 1B11) presents new paintings and works on paper by the Swedish artist Andreas Eriksson.

The artist was fascinated by natural landscapes and depicted his rural settings in Lidköping and Medelplana, Sweden. The exhibition explores his practice during and after the pandemic. The works on paper were made while the artist was at home due to Covid-19, and when the paint was not available on canvas, Erickson channeled ideas through the use of watercolors, inks, and pastels. As the world reopens, 6 new paintings are created that reflect the artist's unique visual style.

Small events and phenomena from his everyday life and the natural world become the beginnings of his work, providing a solid background for his conceptual and metaphorical processes. Wandering between abstract and figurative, at the same time familiar and mysterious, his meditative works create a window into the outside world, which can be interpreted as patchwork topography or details of organic forms such as trees, earth, and rock formations.

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