Alexander Guy: What Are You Lookin’ At

What Are You Lookin' At is a solo exhibition by the Scottish artist Alexander Guy, which showcases 9 of his recent and early oil paintings. Drawing inspiration from everyday objects and situations capturing the cultural dynamism of the post-COVID world through a series of visual records, formalized in the artist's experience in Glasgow.

Over the course of time, memories often fade away, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic. However, humanity persistently strives to capture each fleeting moment, immortalizing it as an existence, transforming the intangible into something visible. The exhibition serves as a visual memento of the artist's past year, a time capsule of 2023 that captures the essence of our era. As a visual record, it documents the impact of the post-lockdown changes in a consumerist society. From soaring price tags to excessive packaging in Glasgow supermarkets, anxiety, tension, and unease are evident amidst vibrant color lines. Indirectly referencing significant events in modern history, it highlights public paranoia, inviting the viewer to reflect on the challenges of our time through the mundane and ordinary.

Thank you for the invitation. I had a wonderful time and enjoyed spending time exploring and understanding the exhibition. Thank you so much.

Alexander Guy - << What Are You Lookin At >>
Date: 25 Aug – 25 Sep 2023
Gallery: Woaw Gallery
Address: G07, The Galleria, 9 Queen’s Road Central, Hong Kong

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