Adam Grant: Think Again

In Think Again, author Adam Grant @adamgrant combines research and storytelling to help us build the intellectual and emotional muscles needed to be curious enough about the world to actually change the world, creating a culture of learning and exploration, whether at home or at work, or at school. In an increasingly divided world, the curriculum in this book is more important than ever. It examines the critical art of rethinking, learning to question your own opinions, and opening up the minds of others, which allows you to excel at work. Achievement, gaining wisdom in life is usually seen as the ability to think and learn, but in a rapidly changing world, there is another set of cognitive skills that may be more important: the ability to rethink and forget to learn.

In our daily lives, too many of us prefer the comfort of conviction rather than the discomfort of doubt. We listen to opinions that make us feel good, not ideas that make us think seriously. We see disagreement as a threat to ourselves, not as an opportunity to learn. When we should be attracted by those who challenge our thought process, everyone around us agrees with our conclusions.

As a result, our beliefs become fragile long before our bones. We have too many ideas, like missionaries defending our sacred beliefs, prosecutors who prove the other party’s mistakes, and politicians who seek approval—and too few scientists seek the truth. Intelligence is hopeless, and it may even be a curse: good thinking will make us less good at rethinking.

Image Credit: @goodreads
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