Miraculous brightness No.1, 2020

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Acrylic/watercolor on paper

22.5 X 30 in. (57 X 76 cm.)

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The expression of abstract painting is inseparable from romanticism. Visually accepting colours trigger a poetic feeling similar to dreams, easily associate symbolic images with colours, summer shadows, and gardens full of flowers. Abstract painting has unique complexity and decoration in the history of contemporary art. In the modern atmosphere, the narration of creative concepts supports the meaning and value of the artist's work to a large extent. Nansen's complex and intimate creative process is a clarification of the essence of painting, remaining is a frank statement of the essence of painting creation-colour, colour spectrum, material, visual choice, pure creation time, perception, and unconsciousness of life experience in cohesive and ecstatic. The artist is able to perceive the sincerity of his creation. In his artistic creation is full of absolute time in life which is a state of freedom and a process that extends the entire life cycle.

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