About Broken Records

Broken Records

An online solo exhibition featuring work by Brian Leo
Exhibition Dates: 10th Oct – 9th Dec 2021
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Rì Galerie is thrilled to present, Broken Records, an online solo exhibition of paintings by the New York-based artist Brian Leo, which features 28 colorful paintings.  Obsessed with personal and social politics, Leo constructs and deconstructs identity through world events, Internet memes, reality television, and other frenzied, everyday content and communication.
Leo’s work, while undeniably timely, transcends the seductive pigeonhole of vogue, and instead combines humor with self-references and world events in order to spark free-association and conversation concerning “sensitive” issues amongst viewers. Through his playful yet wholly uncensored approach to interpreting the multitudes that comprise experience. He communicates by exhibiting clusters of small, brightly colored acrylic paintings, using cartoon imagery as a direct interpretation of what he experiences, and a narrative he tries to understand, at the same time, it is an appropriate and reliable reflection of society.
In the exhibition, his paintings appropriate and dissect contemporary culture against bright colors. Everything is fair game when it comes to Brian’s coy commentary, including the environment, addiction, the online porn industry, and covid. Effortlessly blending the mundane with the somber, Brian’s canvases reflect a mind endlessly fascinated and perplexed by everyday life, whether that means the physical and mental consequences of smartphones or the sluggishness of space exploration. Each piece incorporates and capitalizes on elements of Painterly-Pop Art and Surrealism, through vibrant quirkiness -- establishes an immediate and endearing sense of familiarity.
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