Zio Ziegler: The Essential Figures

The Essential Figures is a solo exhibition by the American artist Zio Ziegler, which is the compositions surrounding totemic figures, recalling the work of Jackson Pollock from the early 1940s, caught in a dynamic vortex of gesture and color.

Totems called "Essential Figures", in the artist's language relics of a rejection of speed and change, thus stimulating the nervous system rather than the intellect. In their presence, one feels a tactile and physical energy that encourages prolonged engagement and appreciation of their compositional complexity. It is impossible to imagine a computer generating or even replicating the highly subjective gestures, passages, and events that make up these paintings, and he intentionally incorporated these features into the work as a direct challenge to machine learning.

Focused on the context of technological change, these paintings celebrate individual, quixotic agency while documenting it with hand-applied oils and acrylics. Art and its surrounding theories remain committed to examining the diversity of human perspectives, rather than the silently dominant forces at work, namely A.I. (artificial intelligence), learning, and its race for a homogeneous consensus.

Zio Ziegler - << The Essential Figures >>
Date: 14 Sep – 28 Oct 2023
Gallery: Almine Rech
Address: 39 E 78th Street, 2nd Floor, New York, NY 10075, USA

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