Zhong Wei: Weight Drifting

Weight Drifting is a solo exhibition by the Beijing-based artist Zhong Wei, which is a continuation of the artist’s ongoing exploration of the technological landscape of contemporary society and the unbridled cultivation of transhumanism. It features a series of new works on canvas that spark a conversation about the invisible shifts in power dynamics between humans and machines, a result of advances in artificial intelligence and the atrophy of physical strength brought about by accelerating technology result.

Automation and its increasingly prominent role in socio-ecological development have become apparent as automation permeates almost every aspect of life. However, to what extent do human beings still maintain an important position in technological progress? Surrounded by the anarchic chaos it depicts, the answer might be "hardly anything." From large-scale artworks measuring up to 3.5 meters in length to smaller canvases, his maximalist, visceral, and unapologetic visual language illustrates the intensity of technical operations.

His painted images layer a vast array of digital textures and patterns, like living, growing amorphous creatures walking in a disorienting, pixelated world. Dwarfed by his artwork, the experience is like visiting a science museum of unnatural history, with exhibits that evoke both awe and anxiety. He examines the utilitarian applications of technology in art and questions the significance of artificial intelligence ultimately surpassing artists in practice, and reflects on the ability of technology to reflect the standards of art and artists.

Zhong Wei - << Weight Drifting >>
Date: 7 Oct – 11 Nov 2023
Gallery: de Sarthe Gallery
Address: 26/F, M Place, 54 Wong Chuk Hang Road, Hong Kong

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