Xu Guan-yu: Duration of Stay

Duration of Stay is a solo exhibition by the Chicago-based Mainland Chinese artist Xu Guan-yu, which showcases work from several series of the artist, including his long-term project Resident Aliens, which explores concepts of citizenship and forms of belonging, etc.

Influenced by the ideological production of American visual culture and conservative Chinese upbringing, his practice extends to examine the production of power in photography, collage, and issues of personal freedom and its relationship to political regimes.

Fragmented forms of identity and belonging are central to the artist's practice and integral to every aspect of the exhibited work. Juxtaposing landscapes with intimate perspectives of personal space, the power of his imagination builds on the negotiation and reinterpretation of images over time, creating space for variety and growth.

Xu Guan-yu - <<Duration of Stay>>
Date: 7 Jun – 31 Aug 2023
Gallery: Galerie du Monde
Address: 108 Ruttonjee Centre, 11 Duddell Street, Central, Hong Kong

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