Xia Xiaowan: Infinity

Infinity is a solo exhibition by the Mainland Chinese artist Xia Xiaowan, which showcases large-scale pastel works with selected series from the 1980s to the present, the boundless dynamic and diversified artistic exploration is the characteristic of his 40-year career.

The Ark is inspired by the biblical story of Noah's Ark, which involves the continuity of life and the hope of redemption. Xia started to create the Ark in 2019. It took a year to create and complete it shortly after the pandemic began. As one of his most important works in recent years, Ark has a rich style and grand theme, which happens to be related to the present. Nearly a hundred creatures depicted in the works seem to grow independently, but they evolve and shape each other and merge into a whole.

The relationship between subject matter and structure has always been an important focus of Xia's work in recent years. In more traditional art, the theme will determine the creative methods, narrative structure, and modeling relationships used in the work. The structure aims to better clarify the subject. Realism has its own structure and modeling methods, while classicism has its own tools and methods. Xia tried to change the past restrictions on themes and structures, reconnecting reality, themes, stories, structures, and models. The Ark is no longer for better telling the biblical story; this is just a prelude to his structure and modeling experiment index.
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