Wolfgang Tillmans: The Point is Matter

The Point Is Matter is a solo exhibition of new and recent work by the German photographer Wolfgang Tillmans, which stems from the artist's long-standing understanding of his work as being somewhere between the physical reality and existence of the world in which he works and lives, and the conceptual, sociopolitical, perceptual, and spiritual concerns that underpin his practice.

The exhibited works include depictions of changing atmospheric forms and elusive natural phenomena; pictures that explore concepts of time and temporality; and images that align with the artist's broad vision of still lifes and portraits. The works depict airflows and air chambers of varying densities, resulting in ever-changing displays of shimmers, blurs, and spectral colors and shapes. Astronomy represented the artist's earliest passion, training his eye through observation of the physical universe, the sky, and celestial phenomena.

The artist further points to subtle geological movements and the natural state of matter in a world undergoing historic and rapid change. The other works subtly convey a sense of time and reflect on change processes. In "Hong Kong Drive" (2018), an image of an outstretched hand on the back of a Hong Kong bus merges with a street stairwell - the public built environment seamlessly blending into the advertising's visual excess. middle. A portrait of a young woman sitting in a banquet hall, and a scene of parcels dumped on the streets of Shenzhen, connect the exhibition to the surrounding metropolis and region.

Wolfgang Tillmans - << The Point Is Matter >>
Date: 25 Mar – 11 May 2024
Gallery: David Zwirner
Address: 5–6/F, H Queen’s, 80 Queen’s Road Central Hong Kong

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