Windows of the Soul

Windows of the Soul is a special group exhibition of the French May Arts Festival 2023, which features artworks by French artists Marion Flament, Béchir Boussandel, Jean Marie Haessle, and Baptiste Tavernier.

The exhibition explores how artists saw their enigmatic and dreamlike modes, with them challenging dichotomous cosmology and relaxing its laws of time and space. It also offers glimpses into the landscape of current or historical eras. Artists interweave and compose pictures with unique characters, freely express their real desires, dreams, and imaginations, and interpret life narratives that transcend time and space. In addition to realistic interpretation, their creation is a new attempt at spiritual exploration.

These creative works are the doors to dreams and to the essence of art, and the windows become witnesses of cruel or beautiful art happening in the world. Possibilities are further developed in the current era as we increasingly explore the future through windows and perspectives.

Group exhibition - << Windows of the Soul>>
Date: 17 May – 24 Jun 2023
Gallery: Whitestone Gallery
Address: 7-8/F, H Queen’s, 80 Queen’s Road Central, Hong Kong
#WindowsOf TheSoul
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