William Lim: Flowers Good Moon Round

Flowers Good Moon Round is a solo exhibition by the Singaporean architect and artist William Lim, which showcases more than 10 works painted by the artist in secondary school, and about 20 recent oil paintings, through the works, the viewer can understand his concerns in the half-century art history and his affection for flowers and moons.

The exhibition is a recurring element that expresses the complex emotions of his life journey. Using various Chinese cultural elements representing family, reunion, and happiness, viewers can meditate in the gallery space and experience the artist's fascination with flowers and moons, as well as his love and enthusiasm for Chinese culture.

The artist believes that painting is a way of recording life experiences, and his works are like idioms that symbolize the beauty and fulfillment of life.

William Lim - << Flowers Good Moon Round >>
Date: 16 Mar – 26 Mar 2023
Address: 17/F H Queen's, 80 Queen's Road, Central, Hong Kong

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