Wifredo Lam: Homecoming

Homecoming is a solo exhibition by the Latin American modern artist Wifredo Lam, which celebrates a great modernist and showcases the important paintings illustrating the great moments of this creative adventure, complemented by a series of paintings and prints by the artist.

The artist’s paintings are characterized by vibrant compositions, a highly personal and violent visual system that is tinged with Picasso and references to Afro-Cuban religious and cultural heritage, as well as his interest in Reactions to world events witnessed at the time. 

The artistic output of the aforementioned individual bears a resemblance to drawing rather than conventional painting. This observation is underscored by the significant role played by the etching technique in the evolutionary trajectory of a series of works. Notably, these creations progressively engaged in a dialogue with esteemed poets such as Breton, Charles, Mandiagues, Artaud, and especially the liberated comrade Césaire. This is reminiscent of the tradition and sensibility of the literati and can imagine the fluidity of relief with Chinese ink.

It is indeed a delightful opportunity to engage and immerse myself in the captivating assemblage of art within your remarkable collection.
Thank you for your invitation.

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Date: 23 Mar – 2 Jun 2024
Venue: Asia Society HK
Address: 9 Justice Drive, Admiralty, Hong Kong

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