Valentina Loffredo: Nosy in the Wild

Nosy in the Wild is a solo exhibition by the Italian artist Valentina Loffredo, which showcase the game and the original series of works and co-organized with the Italian Cultural Institute of Hong Kong.

The exhibition is a digital art project in the form of a video game, designed by the artist in collaboration with The Sandbox to expand her broader project - Nosy, which extends the world of physical experience to Metaverse in the global privacy issue of the digital age.

The minimalist, playful, and eye-catching world presented in the exhibition attracts our attention and invites us to explore all aspects of it. But we are not alone: there are surreal and weird noses everywhere, and a question arises: "Who is watching whom?" In participating in this exciting exploration process, we realized that we were also under strict scrutiny. These noses are not only playful and surreal elements, but also a symbol of surveillance tools. The project mimics the conflict between the allures of technology, expressed through the playful and attractive appearance of the artwork, and its dark "nosy" side, revealed through the repetition and incredible existence of the human nose.

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