Tursic & Mille: Strange Days

Strange Days is the first solo exhibition by Ida Tursic and Wilfried Mille, which features 12 paintings and 2 sculptures, each representing a month in the past twelve months. As a kind of calendar, the exhibition emphasizes that painting is always about time and its absurdity.

Reflecting that a year has turned into a few months, the artist duo led us through a world full of strange days of color, cheese, bichon, pig, finger painting, mountains, pills, nurses and ladies. In the realm of quasi-illusionism where reality blends into imagination, Emmental cheese becomes a core part of a pious idol; a bird that announces the coming of spring hiccups; the dream of traveling becomes a UFO.

Although this may remind people of the steroid feed on Instagram and the perfect example of contemporary image overload, the practice of Tursic & Mille stems from the infinite universal archives on the Internet, but also from the art, history, tradition, and religion of portraits and still life paintings. Icons, romantic landscapes and abstract expressionism. The artists explained that when they started in the early 2000s, “as nobody wanted to see painting, we were forced to create paintings that jump out at you—use subjects that couldn’t not be seen.” This resulted in pornography as a portrait, Fluorescent pink landscape and source material of faith represented by posters.

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