Trust & Confusion

Trust & Confusion is a dialogue about "determinism" and "accidental": the body and the intangible, as well as the transformative power of the short encounter, music and magic, the luck of living-and various related issues that follow, Whether it's about humans or something else. This exhibition has several parts, from now to the end of the year, constantly evolving and accumulating, carried out on-site and on the Internet.

The exhibition transforms this "white cube" space into a constantly transforming environment, accommodating activities and feelings, and becoming a space suitable for action, interaction, and inviting ears and body to listen in depth. Let you, me, and him/her establish new relationships here, and let our new associations and new experiences share the present. When you arrive, you can see several performances taking place, but at the same time there are also several invisible performances going on. There are more than 20 newly commissioned works in the exhibition hall, from a group of artists from different generations, different countries and the world.

This exhibition invites everyone to observe-how things arise from mutual relationships: sounds, gestures, smells, identities-and let everyone be a part of it. Even if you are surrounded by gorgeous landscapes, you will be pleasantly surprised, but Pay attention to discover your inner scenery. We invite you to accept one of the most emotional beliefs: when you decide to let yourself fall, please believe that the person with open arms will catch you well and support you.

Thank you so much for the invitation.

Name of exhibition: Trust & Confusion
Date: 5th May to 5th Dec 2021
Time: 11am – 7pm
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